Housing Information and Referral Service

Just Home Margaret River Inc.

Just Home are here to support local crew and we need your involvement to keep it real and to stay running. We are run at every level and managed by local people with lived experience of homelessness. This is not just a service you access – once things are stable in your life we would love your participation in our groups and committee to help bring about change in housing for Augusta Margaret River long term.

Our Housing Information and Referral Service

Just Home provides a Housing Information and Referral Service. Through our dedicated staff, the Housing Information and Referral Service aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide information, referral, advocacy and support to help resolve difficulties for community members in accessing and maintaining affordable, appropriate, secure and accessible housing in Augusta Margaret River;
  • Support the self-determination of people with personal experience of homelessness and housing stress to address their own housing issues; and,
  • Maintain a database of service users to monitor the rates, experiences and issues of homelessness and housing stress in the Augusta Margaret River area.

‘My child sees me cry and panic and get angry… it all gets so overwhelming. The cold comes through the floor of the van, and putting underlay between the lino and concrete of the annex is just one of the many things on the “when I have enough money to eat properly I’ll do…” list. And her slippers are too small for her… that goes before the list’

Need Help?

Are you currently struggling to pay rent, at risk of being evicted, sleeping rough, on a couch, somewhere crowded, in a caravan or tent? Call 0431 150 836 9am- 3pm

Our Staff

Just Home has staff who are usually located at the Margaret River Community Centre on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9-1pm. (Contact us to schedule an appointment.) Our staff can support you to access information, refer to services and make a plan to secure housing. Sometimes it just helps to have a chat, clear your head and plan your next steps. Please note, the Housing Information and Referral Service is not a crisis service. If you urgently need shelter, please contact Crisis Care on 1800 199 008.

Housing Information and Referral resources

Our staff can provide information about your housing options, refer you to services, and help you research accommodation. We can also provide toiletries, small vouchers for food, fuel, medication and phone credit to assist you to access housing although we have limited supplies. We can support you to access swags, tents and water proofing supplies for shelters. We can help you apply for public and private housing, and obtaining ID required for public and social housing applications. We can support your inquiries if you need legal advice around tenancy issues with real estate agencies, the police or the Shire, and access free legal information so you know your rights. Our staff may suggest and help you access another service if you are struggling with family and domestic violence, your health, mental health, drug and alcohol issues, legal or financial stresses.